Press Release: S7 Games Enters the Fray with “War of Three Kingdoms: The Card Game”

June 6, 2019

S7 Games is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of War of Three Kingdoms: The Card Game, based on the SEGA video game, Sangokushi Taisen. This immersive, tactical card game will allow two players to construct their own decks and control one of three factions as they wage war against each other for dominion over ancient China.

War of Three Kingdoms: The Card Game will be released straight to retail with a street date of October 18th, 2019. It will be distributed by various top tier hobby distributors as well as through Diamond Books to the broad market, with an MSRP of $29.99.

About War of Three Kingdoms: The Card Game:

War of Three Kingdoms: The Card Game takes place during a legendary period in history where the kingdoms of Wei, Shu, and Wu openly warred for control of ancient China. Now you have the chance to build your chosen kingdom by strategically selecting the heroic Generals and Tactics that will comprise your deck and lead you to victory over your rivals.

The base game will include three fully playable factions, comprised of a total of three hundred gorgeously illustrated cards that will bring the War of Three Kingdoms to life on the tabletop. Also included is a sixteen-page, full-color rulebook to guide players as they wage war.

About S7 Games

S7 Games
S7 Games is a tabletop game company devoted to producing and publishing high quality games based on hit pop culture brands and original properties. Formed in 2016, S7 Games is an independent wholly-owned subsidiary of Seven Seas Entertainment. S7 Games is distributed to the broad market by Diamond Book Distributors and has dedicated partnerships with top tier hobby distributors.


Press Release: Shinobi 7 Embarks on a New Journey as “S7 Games”

May 14, 2019

Shinobi 7 LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seven Seas Entertainment, is excited to announce a rebranding of the company name to reflect its evolution and growth. The new company name will be “S7 Games.” While the company will continue to publish tabletop games based on licensed brands, its focus will expand beyond specializing in Japanese brands to encompass a wider array of pop culture properties and genres, as well as original IP.

To date, Shinobi 7 has released card games based on such hit anime properties as Tokyo Ghoul, and My Hero Academia, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers, a board game that includes pre-painted miniatures, coming this fall. Under its new banner as S7 Games, the company will release a Conan the Barbarian board game which will come to Kickstarter in 2019 (date soon to be announced) with a broader release to retail channels planned for 2020.

“The relaunch of Shinobi 7 as S7 Games marks a transition point for us,” says publisher and CEO Jason DeAngelis. “As S7 Games, we intend to broaden the scope and appeal of our products. My Hero Academia: The Card Game has been a great success for us, and now it’s time to level up even further.”

Derek Osborne, director of S7 Games adds: “As a subsidiary of Seven Seas Entertainment, not only do we have the backing of a well-known, reputable publisher with a fifteen-year history of producing quality, award-winning products, we also have a partner with a proven record of working with some of the best known and most beloved licenses in pop culture. Their passion and experience working with top companies the world over will allow us unique opportunities to license and create new products in some of the richest worlds and universes, while creating new and unique properties of our own.”

The rebranding includes a redesign of the company’s name, logo, graphics and communications. S7 Games’ new logo incorporates a nautical theme that ties into the Seven Seas family of brands. The relaunch of S7 Games’ website is planned for later this year.


S7 Games
S7 Games is a tabletop game company devoted to producing and publishing high quality games based on hit pop culture brands and original properties. Formed in 2016, S7 Games is an independent wholly-owned subsidiary of Seven Seas Entertainment. S7 Games is distributed to the broad market by Diamond Book Distributors and has dedicated partnerships with top tier hobby distributors. For more information, visit

Press Release: Japanime Games and Dyskami Publishing Join Forces to Publish Sailor Moon Crystal Tabletop Games

April 27, 2019

Japanime Games announced today that it has entered into a distribution partnership with Dyskami Publishing Company for their line of tabletop board games themed around Toei Animation Inc.’s popular Japanese animation series, Sailor Moon Crystal. Based on Naoko Takeuchi’s legendary manga series, Sailor Moon Crystal retells the story of Sailor Moon and her team of Pretty Guardians as they battle to stop evil forces from spreading their darkness across the Earth.

“We are delighted to partner with such a well-respected company as Japanime Games to help bring our line of Sailor Moon Crystal board and dice games to a much wider audience,” said Dyskami Publishing Company President, Mark MacKinnon. “Working with the Japanime Games team will allow us to focus more on the creation of great new Sailor Moon Crystal games, while simultaneously offering enhanced customer service and communication. Everyone wins with this partnership.”

“We are excited to join forces with Dyskami to bring these great titles to our fans,” said Japanime Games President, Eric Price. “Dyskami has done an excellent job of creating games that will appeal to Sailor Moon Crystal fans and Japanime fans alike. We will be soliciting to our distribution partners very soon, with an expected retail release in early summer 2019.”

This year will see the release of two new Sailor Moon Crystal tabletop products: the Season 3 expansion for the dice battle game, Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge, plus their new tile-passing game of deception and misdirection, Sailor Moon Crystal Truth or Bluff. Additional games in the Sailor Moon Crystal line are under development for release later in 2019 and throughout 2020.

About Japanime Games
Japanime Games is dedicated to bringing you the finest games from Japan and beyond! It’s our goal to import and translate the best of the best games from Asia to bring those great games to a wider audience. Our games feature some of the finest art that can be found along with engaging gameplay and quality components. We are committed to great customer service and have hundreds of thousands of happy customers.

About Dyskami Publishing
Dyskami Publishing Company is a Canadian tabletop gaming company headquartered in Guelph, Ontario. They are dedicated to creating products for today’s busy gamers, both casual and hardcore, who may not have as much time for their hobby as before. The company’s tagline, “It’s About Time”, reflects their vision for an evolution in gaming design and implementation. For additional information, contact Dyskami Publishing Company at

About Toei Animation Inc.
Based in Los Angeles, Toei Animation Inc. manages the film distribution of Toei’s top properties, including all Dragon Ball series, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Saint Seiya, and many others to North America, Latin America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Toei Animation Los Angeles office further handles all categories of consumer product licensing based on its film and television brands within these territories.

Press Release: Dueling Action Gets Bigger and Better This Spring in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

April 7, 2019

Your favorite Decks are about to get better this Spring in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, as time-honored themes are reinvented and modern classics reach new heights. KONAMI is excited to usher in bright new futures for fan-favorite strategies from the past and present. It all starts with the Duel Power collector’s set, ramping up the action with loads of amazing new cards, and levelling the playing field with awesome reprints.

Duel Power heralds the debut of stunning new Link Monsters like Platinum Gadget, Aromaseraphy Jasmine, Crowley, the First Propheseer, and Thunder Dragon Thunderstormech, introducing theme-stamped Link Summons to strategies that didn’t have their own Link Monsters before. And if that wasn’t enough, flexible new Link Monsters like Beat Cop from the Underworld and Security Dragon bring new combos and control moves to a cadre of different Decks.

The Duel Power collector’s set is one of the most anticipated releases of the year: an elite collection of 100 Ultra Rares that include 40 brand-new cards destined to shake up every level of competition, plus 60 of the strongest and most sought-after cards in Dueling today. Each Duel Power collector’s set includes six Duel Power booster packs with 5 Ultra Rare cards per pack. And fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV series will find something special in every Duel Power collector’s set: Ultra Rare variants of all six ace monsters from every generation of Dueling, from Dark Magician to Decode Talker, each with stunning new artwork.

Every Duel Power booster pack is loaded with cards to strengthen your Deck-building arsenal. Tournament mainstays like Infinite Impermanence, Evenly Matched, and Card of Demise return in all their Duel-dominating glory, “discard” Effect Monsters like Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit and Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion make encore appearances, and even Extra Deck powerhouses like Trickstar Holly Angel, Naturia Beast, and the stunning Borreload Dragon are back.

Joining the past with the present, Duel Power also re-envisions some of the most famous cards in Dueling history. Yugi’s Dark Magician is reborn as the Ritual Monster Magician of Chaos, Zane’s Cyber Dragon strategy gets supercharged with Cyber Dragon Nachster, and Signal Warrior celebrates the Duel Wheeling heroes of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. Yuma’s Number 39: Utopia reemerges as Number 39: Utopia Double, and Odd-Eyes Advance Dragon erupts from Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V to burn through your opponent’s monsters and Life Points. Meanwhile some of the biggest Decks from Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS continue their reign with new cards like Gouki Cage Match and Trickstar Foxglove Witch.

The Duel Power collector’s set launches on April 3 with 6 new Ultra Rare variant cards in every box, plus 6 Duel Power booster packs with 5 Ultra Rare cards each. The Duel Power booster set consists of 100 Ultra Rares total: 60 Ultra Rare reprints and 40 all-new Ultra Rares. MSRP: $29.99 per set.

Protect and display your favorite cards with accessories that showcase some of Dueling’s most iconic cards with the Golden Duelist Collection. From Dark Magician Girl, Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Exodia the Forbidden One, to Rescue Cat, Black Rose Dragon and El Shaddoll Construct, the Golden Duelist Collection draws together dozens of fan-favorite Monsters, Spells and Traps in a rich black and gold motif punctuated by a timeless image of Yugi and the Dark Magician.

Following up on the February release of the Golden Duelist Card Case, Card Sleeves and Game Mat you can now show off your trades with the Golden Duelist Collection Duelist Portfolio featuring an exclusive glittering foil finish, unique to the Golden Duelist Collection. The stylish black and gold motif runs through all four accessories, lending a touch of luxury to your Dueling that even Kaiba would approve of.

The Golden Duelist Collection Duelist Portfolio arrives April 5, and includes 10 pages with 9 card pockets per page, displaying up to 180 cards. MSRP: $9.99 per Portfolio.

From there the season turns to the ancient and arcane, as some of Dueling’s greatest sorcerers and spellcasters return to claim their rightful place. Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcasters assembles a cast of classic conjurers and imbues them all with a new form of trickery: abilities that let them change from powerful monsters into raw magic and back again. Fan-favorites return as Pendulum Monsters, capable of leaping in and out of your Spell and Trap Zones with surprising Special Summon effects, all powered by the “Spell Counter” mechanic. Endymion, the Master Magician makes a revolutionary return, demolishing the field when he arrives and negating your opponent’s Spells and Traps. The new leader of the Magical City uses Spell Counters as sorcerous shields to protect himself from targeting and destruction, and should he ever be destroyed you’ll search any Normal Spell card you want, straight from your Deck.

Endymion’s acolytes are all fierce Pendulum Monsters that Special Summon not only themselves, but more support from your hand, Main, and Extra Deck. A new Link Monster joins the battle to make even bigger plays, turning your Spell Counters into raw destructive power while new Spell Cards let you search and reuse your most powerful Spellcasters (all while helping you gather more Spell Counters). Combined with popular Spell Cards like Left Arm Offering, Spellbook of Secrets, and the peerless Pot of Desires, Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcasters is loaded with all the arcane opportunities you need to mount your magical conquest.

Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcasters is available April 19 with 1 Beginner’s Guide, 1 Double-sided Deluxe Game Mat/Dueling Guide, and 42 cards total: 37 Commons, 3 Super Rares, and 2 Ultra Rares. MSRP: $9.99 per box.

New Games Coming

March 4, 2019

First off there is, Dragon Ball Super: Tournament of Destroyers from IDW Games.  This will be yet another related game from the company.

The game was designed by Sen-Foong Lim and Jessey Wright of The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena game.  You play as either Goku or Hit and battle by guessing their opponent’s next move while building up your own power.  Will come with 50 mm pre-painted figures.

The game is for two players, ages 10 and up, plays around 30 minutes.  Suggest cost is $29.99.  Planned release date is June 19.

Bandai will be releasing an expandable deck building game based on Naruto franchise with Naruto Boruto Card Game.

The initial release will be of two different sets.  One for Naruto and Naruto Shippuden; then one for Boruto and Naruto Shippuden.  Each set will come complete with all that you need to play and you can mix and match the decks to your choice.  Comes with original art work.

Designed by Ryan Miller (who has worked on Epic PVP: Fantasy, UFS: Street Fighter, and other games), the game has you assemble teams from the series, use a new turn and resource system (Chrono Clash), and fight with your opponents with the momentum shifting back and forth.  Future releases will be able to be added to the game from different properties.    Win by dealing damage to opponent or completing four quest points.

Launch Kits will be available to retailers to order in early April.

A game for 2-4 players, ages 6 and up, and plays around 30 minutes.  Suggested cost of $34.99 for each set.  Release for the game is planned for June.

The OP (the new name of USAopoly) will release later this year Talisman: Kingdom Hearts.  This will be one of two licensed games using the Talisman game system, from Games Workshop, that USAopoly plans to release.

Play as one of the heroes from the Kingdom Hearts series (Sora, Kairi, Riku, Mickey, Goofy, Donald) building up Strength and Magic to seal the Door to Darkness.  The game blended the spirit of Talisman with memorable elements of Kingdom Hearts lore.

The game will play 2-6 players.  No release date or cost at this time.

Press Release: The New Future of Dueling Arrives This March in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

February 27, 2019

Duelists across the globe will set their eyes on the horizon this March in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, as old boundaries are shattered and new possibilities emerge in three exciting releases! Konami is thrilled to shake things up with new surprises in Savage Strike Special Edition, début Deck themes in The Infinity Chasers, and a fresh chapter in the latest and most innovative Dueling format with Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls.

Savage Strike Special Edition kicks it all off with one last look back, offering more opportunities for Duelists to snag all the top picks from the first booster set of 2019…and at a price that can’t be beat! Every Special Edition includes three packs of Savage Strike, and that means Cyberse Quantum Dragon and Borreload Savage Dragon are back – monsters that redefined Synchro Summoning and brought it into the era of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. Witch’s Strike and Pot of Extravagance proved to be incredible cards that were played in lots of top tournament strategies, and now you’ll have three more chances to collect your copies. And of course, Savage Strike Special Edition includes cards with support for Zombies, the “Elemental HERO” monsters, Valkyries, Sky Strikers, and Madolches that made the original Savage Strike release such a hit.

Every Savage Strike Special Edition box also includes 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards, plus 1 of 2 Super Rare preview cards. Each box comes with a guarantee of Trickstar Crimson Heart, a graceful Link Monster to complement Trickstar Live Stage and Trickstar Corobane from the booster set, OR White Rose Dragon, an incredible new monster that pairs with Akiza’s Rose Dragons from January’s Legendary Duelists: Sisters of the Rose. You’ll also find a Super Rare preview of a non-foil card from the upcoming Dark Neostorm booster set. Score a new Cyberse monster or Yuki-Musume, the Ice Mayakashi – a strong supporting card for the Hidden Summoners theme that packs Special Summon tricks and synergies with Zombie fan-favorites like Mezuki.

Savage Strike Special Edition arrives March 8 with 3 booster packs, 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards, and 1 of 2 Super Rare preview cards from Dark Neostorm. MSRP: $9.99 per Box.

Two weeks later we’ll see the arrival of 2019’s first all-foil premium booster set with The Infinity Chasers. The successor to last year’s Dark Saviors release, The Infinity Chasers unleashes three all-new themes making their Dueling début! The first is a clockwork cadre of mega-strong Machine-types that Link, stack, and combine into cohesive combatants – attackers and defenders that are more than the sum of their mechanical parts! Get ready to revisit some of your all-time favorite Xyz too, because this Deck is set to breathe new life into some high-octane originals.

Next up, a new tribe of Spellcasters works in the shadows to craft perfect hands and fields, preparing to cast the ultimate bewitchings on your opponent. The new theme taps into ancient auguries and staple sorceries to make enticing new enchantments, so fans of Spellcaster standbys like Spellbook of Knowledge will find new ways to play potent cards from the past.

Lastly, prepare for the power of the Evil Eye! The wickedest of wizards join the most awful of the occult to create a strategy that makes great demands of the Duelist that would wield it, but offers even greater rewards in return. Protect your “Evil Eye” monsters with The Evil Eye of Selene to grant them untold strength, and search your grimoire with Serziel, Watcher of the Evil Eye to disrupt your opponent on your turn and their own. Sky Strikers changed the way Duelists approached the game, and the Evil Eye offers a similar, sinister proposition.

The Infinity Chasers is available March 22 with 60 cards total: 40 Super Rares and 20 Secret Rares. MSRP: $3.99 per 5-card Pack.

And lastly the future of Speed Dueling is now! Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls is the first-ever Speed Duel Booster, building on the stellar success and fast-paced action of the Speed Duel Starter Decks with 45 cards that are new to the format, plus 5 all-new Skill Cards.

Yugi fans will discover a new-to-Speed-Duels strategy in Yugi’s Royal Knights! Harness the potential of Arcana Knight Joker and add a new Skill to your repertoire to make the most of the mighty royal flush. Or explore new directions for Ishizu’s Gravekeepers, bolstered by another new Skill exclusive to the reincarnated Priestess. And Bonz steals the spotlight with his first Speed Dueling appearance! Command a horde of Zombies and select 1 of 3 new Skill Cards to torment your opponents with a tumult of trickery and necromantic mischief! The brute force of the undead is at your fingertips; how you use them is up to you…and the Skill Card you carry into battle.

The Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls booster launches March 29 with a total of 45 cards that are new to Speed Dueling plus 5 new Skill Cards: 34 Commons, 8 Super Rares and 8 Ultra Rares. MSRP: $1.49 per 4-card Pack.

KONAMI has also designed a day of fun and gameplay for Speed Duel fans with a special Yu-Gi-Oh! Day on Saturday April 6, 2019 or Sunday April 7, 2019, at participating Official Tournament Stores (OTS). Yu-Gi-Oh! Day is a day for all fans to celebrate the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand with a special tournament at OTS’ throughout North and Latin America.

The current Yu-Gi-Oh! Day event is a Tier 1 event, conducted as Sealed Format, Sealed Deck, Swiss round events. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Day will play Swiss Rounds, with no Playoff top cut, with prizes awarded at the end of the final Swiss round played, including a unique Yu-Gi-Oh! Day Game Mat featuring artwork from Arena of Lost Souls, and an Ultra Rare Skill Card, only available at Yu-Gi-Oh! Day. A list of locations and dates for Yu-Gi-Oh! Day can be found here.

Press Release: Bushiroad Announces New Cardfight!! Vanguard Animation and Products for 2019

February 11, 2019

Bushiroad recently announced information about upcoming animation series and products releasing in the year of 2019 for its popular trading card game and animation franchise, “Cardfight!! Vanguard”.


Adapted from the titular manga by Akira Itō, the current animation season of “Cardfight!! Vanguard” will reach its conclusion in April 2019. Starting in May, the new season, “High School Arc Cont.”, will feature new stories about prominent characters from the series: Kourin Tatsunagi, Kai Toshiki, and Kouji Ibuki. These stories take place after the resolution of the crisis wrought by the main antagonist Brandt that is currently airing.

Both the opening and ending songs for the “High School Arc Cont.” season will be performed by RAISE A SUILEN, the third live band from BanG Dream!. BanG Dream! is Bushiroad’s multi-media franchise consisting of mobile phone game, live band performances, manga, and animation series.

The latest episodes for “Cardfight!! Vanguard” are available on the official Cardfight!! Vanguard YouTube Channel.


Since the introduction of the new Standard format in June 2018, all 24 clans from the trading card game “Cardfight!! Vanguard” have been released in successive products.

Monsters, or “units” in “Cardfight!! Vanguard” belong to groups known as “clans”. There are 24 clans in the game, and together they are divided into 6 nations.

As Bushiroad introduces, in 2019, development plans are scheduled to extend the existing game mechanisms while strengthening each clan. From June 2019 to May 2020, all 24 clans are scheduled for release, with more details to be unveiled in the future.

Currently, there are two formats available for the game: Premium format is where players can play with all cards that have been released, whereas Standard format only allows players to use cards featuring the “v” symbol on the cards.

Bushiroad also reveals information of the upcoming “Extra Booster Vol.7: The Heroic Evolution” product. The Link Joker, Kagero, and Nova Grappler clans included in this product are the clans Kouji Ibuki, Toshiki Kai, and Taishi Miwa use in the animation.

Moreover, Bushiroad announces a new product featuring cards developed specifically for the Premium format, “Premium Collection 2019”. This new product includes new G units for all 24 clans, in addition to 6 brand new G units for the 6 nations. G unit is a type of unit that can only be used in the Premium format.

Press Release: New Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Products Highlighted at the 116th Annual North American International Toy Fair

February 10, 2019

Konami is excited to unveil its 2019 Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG product lineup at the 116th Annual North American International Toy Fair February 16-19. The company will be showcasing products from this year’s first and second quarters in booth #5427 at the Javits Center in New York City.

“Toy Fair gives us the chance to showcase our Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG portfolio for the first half of 2019 with our hobby and mass market partners in a fun environment,” said Yumi Hoashi, Senior Vice President, Card Business for Konami. “Our 2019 portfolio stands out in particular with exceptional products like Duel Power, and the introduction of a new Speed Duel product line; our retail partners will walk away confident knowing we can exceed the needs and wants of our faithful fans but also include exciting products that will attract and keep new players.”

With the release of Legendary Duelists: Sisters of the Rose, Savage Strike, and the Speed Duel Starter Decks: Duelists of Tomorrow & Destiny Masters jumpstarting the new year, 2019 is already off to a hot start! Display and protect these cards with accessories that showcase some of Dueling’s most iconic cards with the Golden Duelist Collection. The Golden Duelist Collection draws together dozens of fan-favorite Monsters, Spells and Traps in a rich black and gold motif punctuated by a timeless image of Yugi and the Dark Magician. Keep your Deck safe on the go with the Golden Duelist Collection Card Case, featuring an exclusive glittering foil unique to the Collection. Show off your trades with the Golden Duelist Collection Duelist Portfolio featuring the same foil finish, and hit the table with the Golden Duelist Collection Game Mat and Golden Duelist Card Sleeves to match. The stylish black and gold motif runs through all four accessories, lending a touch of luxury to your Dueling that even Kaiba would approve of. Card Sleeves MSRP: $3.99 each 50-count pack, Card Case MSRP: $4.99 each, Game Mat MSRP: $14.99 each, available February 15. Duelist Portfolio MSRP $9.99 each, available April 5.

Also releasing February 15 is Structure Deck: Soulburner! Straight from the animated series to real life, Soulburner’s Salamangreat Deck from the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS animated series offers monsters a new lease on life with its “reincarnation” strategy! Salamangreat powers up its boss monsters in a unique way. By sending your first copy of a “Salamangreat” boss monster to the Graveyard to Summon your second copy, the new one is granted an extra ability far beyond what it had in its first life! Each box of Structure Deck: Soulburner contains a Beginner’s Guide and a Double-sided Deluxe Game Mat/Dueling Guide, with a 40-card Main Deck and a 6-card Extra Deck for a total of 46 cards. MSRP: $9.99 per Box.

March is jam-packed with releases to keep fans happy throughout the spring. March 8 sees the release of the Savage Strike Special Edition! Not only does it include 3 booster packs of Savage Strike, each box is guaranteed 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards (either Trickstar Crimson Heart, a Link Monster to go with the many powerful “Trickstar” cards in Savage Strike, or White Rose Dragon, a new monster designed specifically to enhance Decks built with cards from January’s Legendary Duelists: Sisters of the Rose), as well as 1 of 2 Super Rare preview cards of non-foil cards from the upcoming Dark Neostorm booster set (either Yuki-Musume, the Ice Mayakashi, a monster that adds a jolt of extra Summoning power to the Mayakashi Deck from Hidden Summoners, or a new Cyberse monster). MSRP: $9.99 per box.

Join the quest on March 22 to obtain overwhelming Dueling power with the all-foil booster set The Infinity Chasers! Duelists looking to pick up a new strategy should look no further, as The Infinity Chasers introduces 3 new strategies with their own unique gameplay styles. All the basic cards for each theme are in this set, along with some additional cards to help support them, so it’s a great starting point for building many different Deck strategies! The Infinity Chasers booster set contains 40 Super Rares and 20 Secret Rares, for a total of 60 cards. MSRP: $3.99 per pack (5 cards per pack).

Brand-new cards will be added to the Speed Duel card pool with the very first booster, Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls! Releasing March 29, Arena of Lost Souls sees the debut of Yugi’s renowned Royal Knights to the Speed Duel format, Ishizu with the power of Gravekeepers, and Bonz with a horde of Zombies! The Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls booster set is made up of 45 new-to-Speed Duel cards and 5 brand-new Skill Cards. MSRP: $1.49 per pack (4 cards per pack).

On April 5, Duel Power celebrates spring by rolling together a new 100-card Ultra Rare booster set (including 40 brand-new cards) alongside new Ultra Rare variant artwork of every Yu-Gi-Oh! TV series ace monster (from Dark Magician to Decode Talker), and a new double-sided Gameboard celebrating Yu-Gi-Oh!‘s history. Each box of Duel Power contains 6 new Duel Power booster packs with 5 Ultra Rare cards per pack. This set includes 40 new cards and 60 hot reprints, including the 4 popular “discard” effect monsters (from Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit to Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion); popular Spells and Traps like Infinite Impermanence, Card of Demise, and Evenly Matched; Link Monsters from Borreload Dragon to Trickstar Holly Angel; and out-of-print cards like Naturia Beast, High Priestess of Prophecy, and 2015’s “Nekroz” Ritual Monsters. MSRP: $29.99 per set.

On April 19, the magical masters of Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcasters have transcended the need for physical forms and gained the ability to become Spells themselves! As Pendulum Monsters, they can be played as either monsters or Spell Cards, and have different abilities depending on which you choose. This Structure Deck uses the same “Spell Counter” system as the Spellcaster’s Command Structure Deck and the “Mythical Beast” monsters from Extreme Force, so cards from all three can be combined to create an even more powerful Deck! Each Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcasters contains a 41-card Main Deck + 1 Extra Deck monster for a total of 42 cards, plus a Beginner’s Guide and Double-sided Deluxe Game Mat/Dueling Guide. MSRP: $9.99 per box.

Forget about April showers, the real storm is brewing May 3, the official release date of Dark Neostorm, the last 100-card booster set of the 2018-2019 Dueling season! Each of the core booster sets this past season highlighted one of the main Special Summoning mechanics from previous eras of the game, and in Dark Neostorm, it’s Xyz Summoning’s turn to shine! The Dark Neostorm booster set contains 100 cards in all. MSRP: $3.99 per pack (9 cards per pack).

Dark Neostorm gets a second wind on June 14 with the Dark Neostorm Special Edition! Each box of the Special Edition includes 3 booster packs of Dark Neostorm, along with 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards as well as 1 of 2 Super Rare variant preview cards from the upcoming Summer 2019 booster set! MSRP: $9.99 per box.

Between conventions, qualifier tournaments and in-store events, Duelists will have plenty of opportunity to put their skills to the test this summer. For more information on KONAMI’s extensive Organized Play programs, including opportunities for aspiring Duelists to learn how-to-play the game, go to http://www.Yu-Gi-Oh!

Press Release: New Titles Unveiled for Weiß Schwarz at the Bushiroad Championship Series 2018 World Finals

January 22, 2019

Bushroad unveils two new titles that will be featured in the English edition of its popular Trading Card Game Weiß Schwarz at the Bushiroad Championship Series 2018 World Finals held at the Akihabara UDX. Weiß Schwarz allows players to relive their favorite animations and games through an exciting, fast-paced trading card game. Popular titles such as Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, Sword Art Online, Fate/Apocrypha, and BanG Dream! have graced the game, along with many others.

Batman Ninja is a unique film featuring the Dark Knight that places the heroes and villains of the Batman universe in feudal Japan. This marks the second English Edition Exclusive title to be released internationally, and will serve to add more depth and selection to the game’s current environment. The first English Exclusive title, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, will be released on February 22, 2019.

A Trial Deck + and Booster Pack will be released for this title. A Trial Deck + contains a pre-made deck of cards that can be used immediately for play, while the Booster Pack contains cards that will allow players to upgrade their Trial Deck + or to build an entirely new deck.

The film features Batman and his allies doing battle with his nemesis the Joker as well as other villains in feudal Japan. Sent back in time due to Gorilla Grodd’s time displacement machine, the Dark Knight and his allies must fight to prevent their enemies from altering history, and return themselves to their rightful time.

The mesmerizing Stage Girls are ready to dazzle Weiß Schwarz stage.

A Trial Deck + and Booster Pack will be released for this title.

Reunited by fate, childhood friends and aspiring stage actresses Karen and Hikari must compete in a mysterious audition process to gain acceptance in the famed stage production “Starlight” and become top stars.

The official release dates for Batman Ninja and Revue Starlight will be announced at a later time.


Bushiroad Inc. is an entertainment company known for developing Cardfight!! Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight, Weiß Schwarz, Dragoborne -Rise to Supremacy- and other card games, promotional items, smartphone applications around the world.

Bushiroad Inc. consists of 7 sub-entities: Bushiroad Inc., Bushiroad International Pte Ltd, Bushiroad USA Inc., Bushiroad Europe GmbH, Bushiroad Media, Bushiroad Music, and New Japan Pro Wrestling Co., Ltd.

Catch an International Thief

November 15, 2018

Essen SPIEL is the world’s largest event based around table-top gaming; held over four days in Germany.  Tons of game companies come from all over the world, both big multinational ones and small family run ones.  It is usually a great time for all but this year six small companies had money, products, and personal items stolen.  One person was arrested but his accomplice who had the goods was not caught.  One of those companies to be hit was Japanime Games, who had $10,000 in cash stolen along with some electronics and personal items.  They are running a quick fundraiser to recoup the loss.

Everyone who donates will featured on a “Wall of Fame” with the names of the supporters and some thank you gifts for some donation levels.

For $10 you will be mailed an “I Love Japanime Games” patch and a pack of Tanto Cuore: International promo cards.  For $25 you get the patch and cards also get a free copy of Kemomimi Panic with promo cards.  For $50 you get the patch, cards, game, and a Tanto Cuore: international foil pack and pack of 10 Arisa promos with foil Arisa.  Donating $100 gets you the patch, Tanto cards, game, Arisa cards and one special limited edition SPIEL steins and Anja oversized cloth playmat/towel.

You can donate on their site or via PayPal.  Any money over the goal will be given to the five other companies that were stolen from.  They have already raised over $5,000 over their goal with no end date for this fundraiser.  You should still get your money in soon though.

This is a chance to help out a company that brings out great games and pic up some limited items for yourself.

You can read more about the robberies here.