OVA Kickstarter

OVA: The Anime Role-Playing Game is a tabletop RPG crafted to be able to create any anime and manga settings from fantasy to magical girl to mecha to shoujo action and beyond.  You can create any character in OVA because you get to decide what attributes are important by choosing abilities and weaknesses that match your own character concept.  No lists of statistics to fill out.  No classes to follow.  Just pick what you want for your character.

Character creation takes a short time.  The rules are quick, consistent, and easy to understand after you take the time to learn them.  It offers boundless customization.  Just take a bonus to damage or detail out every special move or avoid combat all together.  Preview it with condensed version of the rules and two pre-made characters.

The first OVA was published in 2005 and now a revised edition is coming out.  Now Clay Gardner, the original creator, has refined the the game.  Replacing the clunky and inconsistent parts to make this version even better.  He also wanted to do the whole book with new art, new logo, fresh layout, and other bits to make it a better experience.  To cover the costs for this he created a Kickstarter fund raiser.

Rewards for you support include computer wallpapers, game materials, digital and/or print copy of the game, name in print, stickers, dice, dice bag, custom character sheet drawn by the OVA artist, and custom player book.  All levels include free shipping in the continental USA.  Elsewhere will require an additional fee.
The initial goal of$7,500  has been reached.  So for new bonus with more money.  So far a dustjacket on the paperback version, a series book expansion, bookmark with reference chart on it, and an app for tablets have all be unlocked.  Now if they get $80,000 there will be customized dice for everyone who pledges $30 or more.
If you want a RPG that is simple and with an anime and manga theme this would be one to get.

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