Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Wallet Kickstarter

Wizkids, now owned by toy company NECA, and 4Kids Media have joined forces and the first part of that union is ready for everyone. The item is the first official Yu-Gi-Oh! card wallet.
To design this wallet, Wizkids held polls for the past several months getting feedback from the fans on what they want in a card wallet. Question ranging from color and materiel to card slot layout and how many pens it should hold to more.
The wallet is now available but only as a reward on Kickstarter. Of course you need to pledge $44 to receive the wallet or $65 for the elite version. The wallet features room for a smartphone or calculator, made of water resistant ballistic nylon, a black exterior with an ID pocket, nine interior card sleeves, closes with a zipper, a mesh dice holder, and two pen holders.  All and all sounds pretty good.
Different reward levels for the Kickstarter can get you other items as well. Keychains, lanyards, pin sets, bag clips, dog tags, beanies, sacks, thermal mug, collectable figures, t-shirts, and messenger bags all in standard or elite designs.  Of course you have to pledge $42 to just get a mug and shirt.  Which is kind of my problem with the Kickstarter.  I just do not feel you get an equal value for most of the pledge levels.  Of course if you think of it as charity donation and the items are just bonus it kind of works, but this most likely your only chance to get this wallet.  Really it does depend a lot on how big of a Yu-Gi-Oh! player you are.

The two top pledge levels also give you sets of Wizkids upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh Heroclix game.  They will be releasing the first set later this year and more through out 2014.  I am more interested in getting to check out this game when it launches.  There will also be a Yu-Gi-Oh Dice Building game coming out.
The goal for this Kickstarter is $80,000 and so far as of this writing they have $5,001. The campaign will go to October 2nd, thirty eight days away.  As they get more pledges and closer to their goal they will start to post stretch goals, so stay tuned.  Supporters can expect their products in three to four months after the campaign closes, if they met their goal.


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