Ryuutama Kickstarter

Ryuutama is an original Japanese heartwarming tabletop RPG of travel and wonder.  The game was designed by Atsuhiro Okada.  In this game you take on the role of what would normally be an NPC in a village and set off on an adventure through a fantasy world.  The game’s nickname is “Miyazaki’s Oregon Trail.”

There is a Kickstarter set to translate it, plus some material from the French edition of the game, and release it over here.  It has already reached its goal, but that does not mean you should not join in.  In fact it means you should join in even more.

For $15 you will get the PDF rulebook in full color.  For $25 you get the Plus Plus level with PDF and all extra supplemental materials for the game, forever.  $40 gets you a physical copy and PDF.  $50 is the physical copy Plus Plus level.  $190 adds a character illustration by one of the two original artists for the game in black and white (an extra $40 for color).  $250 gets you a sketch of a full scene of your description.
There is also a special level for brick and mortar retailers.  Everyone who gets the PDF or higher gets their name listed as a supporter in the book and a text only version of the game as soon as the Kickstarter ends.

You can also add an extra physical copy of the book onto your level for $40 at no additional shipping.

Instead of regular Stretch Goals for this Kickstarter they are doing “Milestones” where they announce goals achieved after they have been made instead of telling you how much before the next level.  This is to prevent things from getting a little out of hand and putting too much on pressure on them.  Everyone who backed at a Plus Plus level will automatically get everything in the new level.  So far they have past third Milestones.


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