Kromaster Arena Kickstarter

Krosmaster: Arena is a 2-4 player, tactical style miniatures game that mixes the adorableness of anime-style pre-painted figures and the action of a tactical miniatures game put out in the US by Japanime Games. There is currently a Kickstarter campaign for the next expansion Krosmaster: Arena- Frigost.

The new set will come with a double-sided board, an exclusive figure, ice themed scenery elements, various game tokens, markers, and a rulebook.  There is also an expansion pack with two exclusive new figures, dice, combat arena sheet, and token sheet.

Pledge levels start at a $1 where you get a code for a promo figure for the online version of the game.  $15 gets you the code and the figure itself.  $45 for a copy of the expansion.  $75 for the expansion, extra goodies, promo figure, Duel Pack of two new figures, and eligibility for all stretch goals.  $175 gets you all that and a copy of the base game with six extra promo figures.  $333 everything at the $75 level plus PVC token pieces, foil cards, six extra figures, two random promos, a plushie, and either a limited edition XXL figure of your choice or carrying case for the set.    $669 for all that plus more PVC pieces, copy of base game, XXL cards, checklist poster, and a lot more extra bits.  Also the $333 and $669 levels will already receive all stretch goals, even the ones not met yet.

There are a number of Add-ons for this Kickstarter.  Several of them are already included in the higher pledge levels, but you can add more or get what you do not already have.  Items are XXL cards, foil card deck, metal coins, the carrying case, PVC token pieces, two different sets of dice, extra figure packs, plushie, and others.

The several Stretch Goals have already been met for this.  They have unlocked five promo figures, XXL cards for the all the figures in this set, and a translucent dice set.  The next two goals are at $350k and $400k for even more promo pieces.

Japanime has a and a Facebook promotion going on now for this as well.

If you have not gotten into Kromaster this is a good chance to start.  If you have already gotten into Kromaster here is a chance to add to your game.



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