Tokyo Brain Pop

I talked about Panty Explosion looking for a new name and it has one now, Tokyo Brain Pop.  Which does feel right for what this game is about so I approve.  Though do they mean “pop” as in popular or “pop” as in the sound of your head coming off?

TBP blue cover

It is the same psychic school girl, or whatever scenario you create, RPG by Atarashi Games that it was before just with a less controversial name.  It is still rules lite with a focus on storytelling and characterization.

– Describe your Best Friend’s triumphs and your Rival’s failures as you drive the story forward using simple and engaging narration rules!

– Kick Demon ass with the sword that houses the soul of your murdered step-mother, struggle to control your unstable psychic powers or unleash your murderous fury on the boy who dared to reject your love confession! Details, Goals and Psychic Powers let you bring plenty of anime flavor to your games!

– Suffer the emotional trauma of Japanese high school with rules for Popularity, Best Friends and Rivals and plenty of opportunity for betrayal and humiliation!

– Includes special instructional manga pages that help teach you how to play!

–  Tons of information on demons and monster, the daily life of students and the dreaded Japanese educational system!

– Packed full of color illustrations and manga!

– For 4-6 players, for Teens and older

– 52 full color pages

You can order the physical book for $16, $10 for the PDF, or both in a bundle for $23 to save $3.  Books will start to ship after January 1st.

Read the instructional manga to learn a little more about playing the game.  Look for it further down the page.

I am just going to stick with my copy of Panty Explosion Perfect though.  Tell new players I will call it Tokyo Brain Pop though.



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