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The Whispering Road: A Miyazaki-inspired Tabletop RPG

January 28, 2014

Another Kickstarter project.  This time a RPG inspired by Miyazaki and Ghibli films called Whispering Road.  A simple and easy to use system that the creator wants to release with a full color art book, done by Kaitlynn Peavler.  The goal has already been meet, but this looks like something for anyone who is interested in simple story games.

The game has you pick an archetype, a need, and some traits then you are ready to go.  Uses a simple d6 or d8 conflict resolution method, with traits giving  you more dice to roll.  The game also has you building up karma, both good and bad.

The backer levels are few but straight forward, nothing big or flashy.  Give $5 and you get the full color PDF.  Give $20 and get both PDF and book.  For $35 you get two copies of the book along with the PDF, and for $75 you get a total of five books to share with friends and players along with the PDF. Also, since the rules are already done, once the Kickstarter ends everyone gets a no-art PDF the next day.
Two stretch goals have already been made.  The game book will now come with a sample of game play and four sample characters with art of them.   More goals are at $6,000 a quick start guide PDF to give to players will be made; $7,000 sample fantasy settings to use as inspiration with art, and at $7,5000 archetype cards and trait cards with custom art on each one. It is currently at (of this writing) $5,840.
Release date is schedule for April of this year, unless the art is late.  The book will be 8″x8″.  So come on people back this so I can see the sample fantasy worlds PDF goal.

Press Release: First Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series of ’14

January 27, 2014

The Yu-Gi-Oh! CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES (YCS) presented by Konami heads to Georgia for the first opportunity in 2014 for Duelists to win the company’s premier competitive series. YCS Atlanta is expected to draw hundreds of Yu-Gi-Oh! players from all over the Southeastern United States February 1st and 2nd.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Duelists, trying to make their mark at a YCS, get the first crack of the new year to test their Decks, skills and strategies as they compete head-to-head against some of the best players in the country during the course of the weekend. From the First Round of the Main Event on Saturday morning to the Final Round on Sunday, every Duelist will be playing their hardest, hoping that their game is the winning one to take them to the YCS Champion’s podium.

Duelists should make time to pre-register for the YCS Atlanta Main Event from 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. on January 31st as those players that pre-register and submit a Deck list will receive an event-exclusive YCS Token Card! Registration will begin again promptly at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 1st. Upon registering, Duelists will receive five Legacy of the Valiant booster packs for participating in Konami’s YCS Atlanta. The First Round will start at 10:00 a.m. and the Top 16 or 32 YCS finishers (depending on attendance) will earn invitations to participate in the 2014 World Championship Qualifier and other great prizes.

Debuting at YCS Atlanta, Konami is introducing a new format for the Top 16 Duelists. The YCS Top 16 will construct their Decks by drafting Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants – Round 2. Duelists ranked 1 – 8 will construct one Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants – Round 2 Draft Pod and Duelist ranked 9 -16 will construct the other Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants – Round 2 Draft Pod.

Konami will once again hold Dragon Duels for the younger players (for Duelists born in 2001 or later) on Saturday and Sunday. A new format is now in affect in which the winner of Saturday will play against the winner of Sunday to determine the YCS Dragon Duel Champion. The top four players in the Dragon Duel events will receive a special Dragon Duel Winner’s Medal, a Regional Game Mat, a Dragon Duel t-shirt and an invitation to their 2014 Dragon Duel World Championship Qualifier. Those who attend the Qualifier have the chance to earn an invitation to the 2014 Dragon Duel World Championship.

Duelists and spectators taking a break from the competition can participate in a variety of challenging and fun Public Events to push their Dueling skills to the limit! Konami will be conducting a host of events such as Regional Qualifiers, 3 vs. 3 Team Dueling, ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!, Win-A-Mats, Yugi & Kaiba Reloaded Starter Deck Tournaments, and Sealed Pack Tournaments for Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants, featuring exclusive Starfoil prize cards only available at premier events.

The Main Event winner, the two runners-up and winners of Sunday’s two Public Event playoffs will each be awarded a YCS prize card. The Main Event winner will take home an Ultra Rare version of the Number 106: Giant Hand prize card, with the other winners bringing home Super Rare versions.

Event Address:
Georgia International Convention Center
Hall D
2000 Convention Center Concourse
College Park, GA 30337

Prizing Information:
1st place – Ultra Rare Number 106: Giant Hand YCS Prize Card; Trophy; Paid travel to their World Championship Qualifier (if underage, then winner and guardian); YCS Top Cut Game Mat; 8GB gaming system and an invite to their 2014 World Championship Qualifier tournament
2nd place –Super Rare Number 106: Giant Hand YCS Prize Card; 32GB Tablet PC; YCS Top Cut Game Mat; and an invite to their 2014 World Championship Qualifier
3rd place – Super Rare Number 106: Giant Hand YCS Prize Card; the recently released all-in-one gaming and entertainment system; YCS Top Cut Game Mat; and an invite to their 2014 World Championship Qualifier
4th place – the recently released all-in-one gaming and entertainment system; YCS Top Cut Game Mat; and an invite to their 2014 World Championship Qualifier
5th – 8th place – 12GB video game console with YCS Top Cut Game Mat and an invite to their 2014 World Championship Qualifier
9th – 16th place – 24 booster packs of Legacy of the Valiant; YCS Top Cut Game Mat; and an invite to their 2014 World Championship Qualifier

If attendance exceeds 513 Duelists:
17th – 32nd place – YCS Top Cut Game Mat and an invite to their 2014 World Championship Qualifier

Duelists unable to participate in YCS Atlanta can check out live online coverage of the event.

Press Release: Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG War of the Giants: Round 2 Available Now

January 26, 2014


Kicking-off the New Year with a bang, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (Konami) delivers with an explosive first release of 2014 with War of the Giants: Round 2 – available now.

With Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants halfway through its annual cycle, War of the Giants: Round 2 is a perfect refresher kit designed to expand Battle Packs into booster draft territory. With 45 cards designed for drafting, in addition to one collector’s card, this kit is ready-to-play right out of the box. Use all 45 cards to create your own unique Deck, just from the packs that you get in War of the Giants: Round 2.

The (non-draftable) collector’s cards are in high demand so Duelists have been begging to have these compelling, tournament-level cards re-released. Because this collector’s card is not involved in the draft process, Duelist’s can add it right into their collection.

War of the Giants: Round 2 is a fantastic value as each box contains six packs of Battle Pack 2, plus a new 16-card pack containing one of five Ultra Rare collector’s card such as the royal Fog King, High Priestess of Prophecy and Dragunity Knight Vajrayana or the monstrous Safe Zone and Number 11: Big Eye, six Super Rare cards and nine Common cards all for only MSRP: $19.99.

For more information on Konami or the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, please visit or call 310-220-8630 to speak directly with a Yu-Gi-Oh! customer support team member.

Press Release: Maid: The Role-Playing Game and Star Line Publishing

January 6, 2014
Beginning in 2014, Star Line Publishing will be taking over handling Maid: The Role-Playing Game in English. Maid RPG is a slapstick anime comedy RPG, and an earlier work by Golden Sky Stories designer Ryo Kamiya. Andy K originally took the lead role in the business of publishing the game, while I handled most of the translation and otherwise took a back seat. With Andy moving to Japan and my own publishing venture getting up and running, it made sense to switch the game over to SLP. For the time being we’ll be treating Maid as a “long tail” product, making it available primarily through PDF and print on demand venues, though we’ll still be able to offer printed books at conventions and to interested retailers. We’ll be expanding to a few new POD/PDF sales channels as well, notably DriveThruRPG and Amazon’s CreateSpace (which will in turn make it available for order through Amazon), though given that Maid RPG has gotten and stayed disturbingly high on their sales charts, we’ll definitely continue the partnership with Indie Press Revolution that Andy started.
Whether there will be anything new for Maid RPG depends a lot on what we have the resources to accomplish and what people express interest in. I do plan to eventually complete and publish my Retail Magic game (a comedy RPG based on the Maid RPG rules, but about employees at a magic item shop), and I might go as far as to look into finally putting together a book of original Maid RPG material, and possibly a cheaper and slimmer introductory Maid RPG core rulebook similar to products like the Explorer’s Edition of Savage Worlds. If there’s something you’d like to see, let us know!