The Whispering Road: A Miyazaki-inspired Tabletop RPG

Another Kickstarter project.  This time a RPG inspired by Miyazaki and Ghibli films called Whispering Road.  A simple and easy to use system that the creator wants to release with a full color art book, done by Kaitlynn Peavler.  The goal has already been meet, but this looks like something for anyone who is interested in simple story games.

The game has you pick an archetype, a need, and some traits then you are ready to go.  Uses a simple d6 or d8 conflict resolution method, with traits giving  you more dice to roll.  The game also has you building up karma, both good and bad.

The backer levels are few but straight forward, nothing big or flashy.  Give $5 and you get the full color PDF.  Give $20 and get both PDF and book.  For $35 you get two copies of the book along with the PDF, and for $75 you get a total of five books to share with friends and players along with the PDF. Also, since the rules are already done, once the Kickstarter ends everyone gets a no-art PDF the next day.
Two stretch goals have already been made.  The game book will now come with a sample of game play and four sample characters with art of them.   More goals are at $6,000 a quick start guide PDF to give to players will be made; $7,000 sample fantasy settings to use as inspiration with art, and at $7,5000 archetype cards and trait cards with custom art on each one. It is currently at (of this writing) $5,840.
Release date is schedule for April of this year, unless the art is late.  The book will be 8″x8″.  So come on people back this so I can see the sample fantasy worlds PDF goal.

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