Press Release: Jonathan Castillo Gomez Outduels Hundreds of Duelists at Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Charleston for the Title of Champion

Duelists from all over the Eastern Seaboard and the Southeastern United States descended upon Charleston, South Carolina for this past weekend’s Yu-Gi-Oh! CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES (YCS) event. Duelists of every age participated in the premier-level Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME event, presented by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., ready to show off their impressive Dueling skills for the chance to be crowned the YCS Champion. But, it was Jonathan Castillo Gomez from Santa Ana, CA who outpaced the field to claim the coveted title of YCS Champion and Vincent Riccardi from Sterling, VA who took home the Dragon Duel title.

YCS Charleston hosted enthusiastic Yu-Gi-Oh! players from across the country wanting to try the latest strategies and card combos against their peers. Round after round, with refined skills and a bit of luck, elite players emerged above the competition in a weekend full of exhilarating Dueling.

Jonathan Castillo Gomez confidently battled his way into Sunday’s Top 16 Draft with his first-rate Burning Abyss Deck. Then, after three rounds of Single Elimination with their newly drafted Decks from Battle Pack 3: Monster League, it came down to an exciting playoff with Patrick Hoban from Covington, GA. In the end, the combination of precise play and smart risk-taking helped Gomez earn the title of YCS Charleston Champion.

In addition to the title of YCS Champion, Gomez returned home with a stellar set of prizes that included an Ultra Rare YCS Ascension Sky Dragon Prize Card, an exclusive YCS Top Cut Game Mat, an invitation to the 2015 World Championship Qualifier tournament and much more!

In the Dragon Duel, an event for Duelists born in 2002 or later, Riccardi used his Sealed Deck then switched to his Qliphort Deck in the final matchup to beat Nathanael Ross, from Hickory, NC, in a head-to-head playoff. Riccardi picked up a mass of great prizes, including an invitation to the 2015 World Championship Dragon Duel Qualifier tournament.


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