Press Release: Stephen Jesus De Lara Wins Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Chicago

Duelists from across North America descended on the Mid-West ready to wage epic card battles at this past weekend’s Yu-Gi-Oh! CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES (YCS) Chicago event. Inspired Duelists of every age participated in the premier-level Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME event, presented by KONAMI, ready to show off their impressive Dueling skills for the chance to be crowned the YCS Champion. In the end, it was Stephen Jesus De Lara from Santa Ana, California who outpaced the field to claim the coveted title of YCS Champion and Michael Sakowicz from Naperville, Illinois who took home the Dragon Duel Champion’s title.

Chicago continues to shine as one of the best places to host enthusiastic Yu-Gi-Oh! players from across the nation as it is in close proximity to the downtown area and minutes from two major airports. Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series events are amazing platforms for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists wanting to assess the latest big match strategies and card combinations against their opponents. Throughout the weekend, many in the field of players showed refined skills and a splash of luck, but it was the elite players that emerged to win top honors.

De Lara confidently battled his way into Sunday’s Top 16 Draft with his own first-rate Nekroz Deck. Then, after three rounds of Single Elimination with their newly-drafted Decks from Battle Pack 3: Monster League, it came down to an exciting playoff with Barrett Keys from North Hollywood, California. De Lara combination of precise play and smart risk-taking helped earn him the title of YCS Chicago Champion.

In addition to the title of YCS Champion, De Lara returned home with a stellar set of prizes that included a YCS Championship Trophy, an Ultra Rare YCS Ascension Sky Dragon Prize Card, an exclusive YCS Top Cut Game Mat, a PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, and an invitation and paid travel to the 2015 World Championship Qualifier tournament!

In the Dragon Duel, an event for Duelists born in 2002 or later, Sakowicz used his Sealed Deck then switched to his HERO Deck in the final matchup to beat Jackson Sayre, from Lindenhurst, Illinois, in a head-to-head playoff. Sakowicz picked up some great prizes, including an invitation to the 2015 World Championship Dragon Duel Qualifier tournament.



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