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Bundle of Holding Super Asian Blast

September 12, 2015

Bundle of Holding is offering a collection of .PDF tabletop RPGs from Japan, Korea, or just inspired by Asian culture calling it Super Asian Blast.  Ten percent of what you pay will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

For $8.95 you get five games and two supplements in the Starter Collection as DRM-free .PDF ebooks.  These games are:

Maid: The Role-Playing Game (Star Line Publishing): the first Japanese tabletop RPG translated into English; a wild comedy game of maids serving their master

Mecha and Mekayana (Heroic Journey Publishing): a fast-moving game of simple and exciting robot combat, comes with a supplement for Bollywood film romance and melodrama

Magicians (Samjoko Publishing): a RPG of Asian mythology with a magic system that uses and teaches the Korean language

Anima Prime (Berengad Games): steambots and megaswords in the vein of Final Fantasy

Clover and Clover Holiday Special (Ben Lehman): charming games of the best five-year-old in the world, loving tribute to Kiyohiko Azuma’s manga series Yotsuba&!

If you pay more than the threshold price of $19.27 (at the moment, price goes up as more people buy) you will also get the Bonus Collection of five more titles.

Golden Sky Stories (Star Line Publishing): heartwarming tales about magical animals in a rural Japanese village

Tokyo Brain Pop (Atarashi Games): the revised and retitled game of psychic Japanese schoolgirls at Atarashi Hight School

Kuro (Cubicle 7): game of unremitting Japanese horror like The Ring from French designer Neko and the team behind Qin: the Warring States

Monkey (D101 Games): Newt Newport’s storytelling game of the Monkey King’s Journey to the West

Motobushido (Alliterated Games) motorcycle-samurai heed the call of the Highway

They also have a bundle offering of more historical RPGs they are offering as well, Asia Fantastic.

This offers through Thursday September 24th so if you want some copies of real good games cheap, this is your chance.



Tokyo Brain Pop

December 30, 2013

I talked about Panty Explosion looking for a new name and it has one now, Tokyo Brain Pop.  Which does feel right for what this game is about so I approve.  Though do they mean “pop” as in popular or “pop” as in the sound of your head coming off?

TBP blue cover

It is the same psychic school girl, or whatever scenario you create, RPG by Atarashi Games that it was before just with a less controversial name.  It is still rules lite with a focus on storytelling and characterization.

– Describe your Best Friend’s triumphs and your Rival’s failures as you drive the story forward using simple and engaging narration rules!

– Kick Demon ass with the sword that houses the soul of your murdered step-mother, struggle to control your unstable psychic powers or unleash your murderous fury on the boy who dared to reject your love confession! Details, Goals and Psychic Powers let you bring plenty of anime flavor to your games!

– Suffer the emotional trauma of Japanese high school with rules for Popularity, Best Friends and Rivals and plenty of opportunity for betrayal and humiliation!

– Includes special instructional manga pages that help teach you how to play!

–  Tons of information on demons and monster, the daily life of students and the dreaded Japanese educational system!

– Packed full of color illustrations and manga!

– For 4-6 players, for Teens and older

– 52 full color pages

You can order the physical book for $16, $10 for the PDF, or both in a bundle for $23 to save $3.  Books will start to ship after January 1st.

Read the instructional manga to learn a little more about playing the game.  Look for it further down the page.

I am just going to stick with my copy of Panty Explosion Perfect though.  Tell new players I will call it Tokyo Brain Pop though.


New Name for Panty Explosion

September 26, 2013

Panty Explosion is a role-playing game about psychic school girls.  You play a schoolgirl from Atarashi High School with destructive psychic powers who do battle against ghosts, demons, and anything else you come up with.  The game is very flexible allowing you to play things other than schoolgirls and can be used for just about any kind of setting.   The game got a redesign in 2012 and was renamed Panty Explosion Perfect.  The game was created by Jake Richmond and Matt Schlotte for Atarashi games.   It has sold thousands of copies all over the world and translated into multiple languages.

Though many people have complained about the name, feeling it sounds kind of dirty.  Saying the game mechanics and ideas sound cool but the name turns them off.  Really it is a silly reason in my opinion, it is only dirty if you make it.  To fix this problem they have decided after seven years to finally get a new name.

Panty ExplosionVS

To decide the new name they are having a contest open until October 8th.  You get to suggest your new name for Panty Explosion Perfect .  The creators will pick their favorite suggestion and use it as the title of the new edition.  The winner will get their name on the book’s credit page, a signed copy of the new book, and an original illustration of the feature school girl characters from the game.

To enter, post your name and suggest on the comment for the contests post here.  Duplicate suggestions will go to the first person to suggest it.  Suggestions are already coming in so get yours in before someone else suggests it.

Panty Explosion Perfect will stay in print under its old name.  The new name version will exist side by side with it and will have the same content just different titles.  You can pick up the game book for $16 or PDF for $7.