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Press Release: Ring in the New Year with Japanime Games!

December 31, 2014


You are invited to join us for our very first Twitch.TV broadcast! Ring in 2015 with Team Japanime, challenge Rich Gain to a virtual Gold Terminatot game, find out what’s coming up in 2015!  **Please Note: This schedule may change, so stay tuned for the final draft**

New Year’s Day Marathon Itinerary

News & Welcome 2pm
Whats coming in 2015 with Eric Price, President of Japanime Games.

Organized Play 2:30pm
Organized Play, 2015 Regionals and Nationals with Rich Gain, Head Judge for Japanime Games.

Celebrity Challenges 3 and 4:15pm EST
Special Guests  Ryan Scott (lead designer of League of Legends, @RiotMorello) and Wendig0 will be playing against Head Judge Rich Gain!

Gold Terminatot Challenges 3:30pm

3-9 Players will be able to challenge Rich for a chance to win a Gold Terminatot! You MUST sign up in advance to play in a challenge! We’ll be doing between 3 & 9 challenges. The first 3 people are guaranteed, the last 6 will be based on time allowed. Send an email to with your RL name (or what you want to be called) and your  user name, and we’ll send you what time your challenge will be.

Q&A 5pm
We will be answering your questions and making some announcements about our plans for 2015! If you have question, please email them in advance to and we will answer them on air! 

Prizes– Given away every hour
We will be giving away prizes every hour. The winners will be randomly drawn from the chat room. Prizes include Promo Figures, XXL Figures, Tee-Shirts and more!

Please Join Us! 
Head to /japanimeangel  on New Years Day!

Kromaster Arena Kickstarter

December 6, 2013

Krosmaster: Arena is a 2-4 player, tactical style miniatures game that mixes the adorableness of anime-style pre-painted figures and the action of a tactical miniatures game put out in the US by Japanime Games. There is currently a Kickstarter campaign for the next expansion Krosmaster: Arena- Frigost.

The new set will come with a double-sided board, an exclusive figure, ice themed scenery elements, various game tokens, markers, and a rulebook.  There is also an expansion pack with two exclusive new figures, dice, combat arena sheet, and token sheet.

Pledge levels start at a $1 where you get a code for a promo figure for the online version of the game.  $15 gets you the code and the figure itself.  $45 for a copy of the expansion.  $75 for the expansion, extra goodies, promo figure, Duel Pack of two new figures, and eligibility for all stretch goals.  $175 gets you all that and a copy of the base game with six extra promo figures.  $333 everything at the $75 level plus PVC token pieces, foil cards, six extra figures, two random promos, a plushie, and either a limited edition XXL figure of your choice or carrying case for the set.    $669 for all that plus more PVC pieces, copy of base game, XXL cards, checklist poster, and a lot more extra bits.  Also the $333 and $669 levels will already receive all stretch goals, even the ones not met yet.

There are a number of Add-ons for this Kickstarter.  Several of them are already included in the higher pledge levels, but you can add more or get what you do not already have.  Items are XXL cards, foil card deck, metal coins, the carrying case, PVC token pieces, two different sets of dice, extra figure packs, plushie, and others.

The several Stretch Goals have already been met for this.  They have unlocked five promo figures, XXL cards for the all the figures in this set, and a translucent dice set.  The next two goals are at $350k and $400k for even more promo pieces.

Japanime has a and a Facebook promotion going on now for this as well.

If you have not gotten into Kromaster this is a good chance to start.  If you have already gotten into Kromaster here is a chance to add to your game.


Origins Game Fair 2013

June 9, 2013

Origins Game Fair is one of the largest gaming convention in North America.  It takes places every year at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.  It is run by the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) and covers all sides of gaming.  It is this week Wednesday 12 through Sunday the 16.

WarGames, miniatures, board games, collectible card games, LARPs, RPGs, and more are going to be there and  plenty of them.  It is the site of the Origins Awards ceremony, an art expo, guests, film screenings, blood drive, auction, costume contest, big vendor room, electronic games, parties, panels, war college, and much more .  It is a place where game companies come to show off their games and debut them.  So of course there anime and manga related games at the show.

For the CCG crowd both Yu-Gi-Oh and Cardfight Vanguard both have sections of the CCG hall devoted to them.  Several sanctioned tournaments will be played over the weekend with plenty of prizes to win and side events as well.

Japanime Games will be in attendance, selling in the dealers hall, running games of Tanto Cuore and Kanzume Goddess.  Krosmaster, their miniatures board game, will be released at Origins, so check it out.

Cool Mini or Not will have miniatures and games you can buy.  They crafted the video game inspired Super Dungeon Explorer and Anima Tactics miniatures.  There are Super Dungeon Explorer sessions set up for you to learn to play the game.

Some other new games premiering at the con include: Dyad Games a new company with a feudal japanese card game Kamakura and Ziko Games is bringing Legends of The Three Kingdoms a card game about the three kingdoms period of Chinese history.

Another thing to check out is ADGNEPSEF555 a RPG about an anime cross-dimensional grade school, very crazy and active.  Run by the Windmill Game Company using Golden Hour RPG.  They are running it several times over the con and doing a LARP version on Sunday.

One of the big events of the con is the Origins Awards.  The awards are voted on by the attendees of Origins in such categories as Best RPG, Best Board Game, Best Traditional Card Game, Best Gaming Accessory, Best Miniatures Rules, Best Historical Board Game, Best Historical Miniature Rules, and Best Game-Related Publication, Best CCG, and more.  The only one with related products is of course the Best CCG.  Nominees include Card Fight! Vanguard Breaker of Limits by Bushiroad, Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters by Wizards of the Coast, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Battlepacks by Konami.

And some of the exhibitors at the con, which I have not already mention, to check out are Anigames, an anime store from Toldeo; Indie Press Revolution, who deal in small press RPGs like Maid, Bliss Stage, and several more anime inspired one ; Z-Man Games, a game company that sells several board and card games from Japan.

If you can Origins is one the top conventions to go to if you like gaming and the gaming crowd.  I would like to get some more otaku gaming.  Which is something I guess I will work on myself instead of relying on others.