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Press Release: Shadowverse Shakes Up CCG With Street Fighter V Collaboration

February 28, 2017

Japanese game developer Cygames has announced a collaboration with CAPCOM that will see characters from Street Fighter V appear in its hit collectible card game Shadowverse.

Starting this Spring, gamers worldwide will be able to get their hands on Street Fighter V themed character skins and card sleeves in Shadowverse, adding extra punch to the deep strategic gameplay on offer in Japan’s leading CCG.

The following Street Fighter V characters will appear in Shadowverse (listed with their in-game character class):

Cammy (Forestcraft)
Chun Li (Swordcraft)
Juri (Runecraft)
Ryu (Dragoncraft)
M. Bison (Shadowcraft)
Vega (Bloodcraft)
Karin (Havencraft)

With seven unique hero classes to choose from and vibrant real-time multiplayer battles, there’s a fresh challenge in every game of Shadowverse–and now extra punch.

Please note that although Shadowverse is free to download and play, the Street Fighter V related content may require additional in-game purchases, and the final details of the collaboration may be subject to change. Final details about the collaboration will be unveiled on and via the in-game newsfeed.

For more information, please contact

About Shadowverse

The next evolution in the collectible card game (CCG) genre, Shadowverse features a wealth of both single-player and competitive multiplayer content, and a multitude of beautifully illustrated cards.

The game has been downloaded over 6 million times and was described as “2016’s standout digital CCG” by SuperData Research. It features seven fully-voiced interweaving campaign stories, over 600 cards that players can use to craft devastating decks, and the ability to unlock the full potential of your favorite cards by “evolving” them mid-battle for a truly gripping strategy experience.

Shadowverse is currently available on PC via Steam, on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and on Google Play for Android devices. For more information about the game, visit or contact


Press Release: Square Enix Enters North American Tabletop Games Market

August 30, 2016

Square Enix is entering the North American tabletop games market with two products based on its video game properties, planned for launch in October.  Both are connected to its top video game franchise, Final Fantasy.  The games are being released in Europe in September.

Final Fantasy TCG:  Opus 1 is a 186-card set sold in the traditional TCG format of Starters and Boosters.  It’s a two-player game recommended for players 13 and up.  The game was previously released in Japan in a different configuration, selling over 3.5 million boosters.

Boosters will each have 12 cards, including one premium foiled card.  They’ll be sold in 36-pack displays.

Three different Starter Decks will be available:  Final Fantasy VII (Fire & Earth), Final Fantasy X (Wind & Water), and Final Fantasy XIII (Ice & Lightning).   Each will contain 50 cards, a paper playmat, and rules.  Starters will be sold in six-deck displays.

The product is being released only to the hobby, and only through one distributor, a Square Enix spokesperson told ICv2.  That distributor is GTS distribution.  “No further distribution plans as of now,” the spokesperson said.

A second game, Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt, will be distributed to the hobby through “all of our existing distribution partners,” according to Square Enix, with no additional distribution plans “as of now.”    Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt is a card game based on the characters introduced in Final Fantasy and developed further in a spin-off series of Chocobo video games.

Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt is a card game, not a TCG.  For 3-5 players 5 and up, it plays in 10-20 minutes.

Each game includes 43 cards (14 Chocobo, 5 Fat Chocobo, 4 each of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth Crystal, and 4 each of Bomb and Ahriman Monster cards), 5 Player Markers, 5 Victory Tokens, and Instruction Manual.  MSRP is $19.99.

Origins Game Fair and Otaku Hobby Gaming

May 30, 2016

Orgins Game Fair is this June 15th through the 19th at Columbus Convention Center in Columbus.  It is one the largest gathering of gamers and games in the country and they have some anime/Japanese themed games and events for all.

Last year they started Anime themed programming by partnering with Wasabi Anime, local anime conventions, and others.  This year they have expanded that programming.  There will be panels, screenings, workshops, a manga library, and more.  They will have events Thursday through Saturday only though.  They have the use of three rooms for events and the library.  Special events include an Anime Name That Tune game show, Trulie Awesome Show (an anime inspired comedy duo), and playing anime games with the maids of Cafe Peitet Joy.

The Special Media Guests for this year’s con are two anime voice actors, Darren Dunstan and Wayne Grayson.  Darren has voiced on Yu-Gi-Oh! (Pegasus), the 2003 TMNT (Splinter), Chaotic (Kaz), and several other 4Kids productions along with doing voice direction for a number of series.  Wayne has done voice work for over 20 years, his best know work though is Yu-Gi-Oh! (Joey), Utena (Ruka), Samurai Deeper Kyo (Benitora), and the 2003 TMNT (Michelangelo).  The two of them will only be there for Saturday and Sunday, helping to judge the costume contest, holding a Q&A, and a signing on Saturday.  On Sunday they will be in the Konami area of Battelle Hall all day.

Bushiroad, Pokémon, and Konami all have plenty of tournaments going on, all different styles and sizes.  Special promoted ones include Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Origins to win a prize card “Minerva, the Exalted Lightworn”, Pokémon Unlimited Tournament celebrating 20 years of Pokémon and Pokémon TCG Win-a-Trip Tournament to go to the 2016 World Championships in San Francisco, Cardfight!! Vanguard G Team League Spring Fest 2016 Regial Qualifer, Weiss Schwarz Neo Showdown Spring Fest 2016 Regional Qualifier, and Future Card Buddyfight Buddy Challenge Spring Fest 2016 Regional Qualifier.

There are a few RPGs with anime themes.  Kuro from Cubicle 7 has three different sessions to play, all starting at 8am though.  Plus some Big Eye Small Mouth sessions, fantasy and post-apocalyptic ones.  Windmill Game Co is running several sessions of their game Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja-Educational Preparatory Super-Elementary Fortress 555 (ADGNEPSEF555), which is designed as a free for all anime inspired game where anything should happen set in a school.  They will also have game of it based around wuxia and henshin heroes too.

For those interested in LARPS there are some anime themed ones.  The Pokémon company’s LARP is just having you challenge other players with your 3DS or 2DS and a copy of X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire to collect gym badges to then beat the Elite Four and the Champion to win a prize.  It goes on all day on Thursday through Sunday.  Not really a traditional LARP unless you put some character into, which I think would be a lot of fun.  A more traditional LARP is ADGNEPSEF555: The Movie!! The LARPening!!! on Sunday starting at noon.  Inspired from the above RPG.

On the miniature side of things we have some unique items.  One man has modified rules from other games to make his own Starblazer’s space game (two sessions) and Area 88  fighter plane game (one session).  Cool Mini or Not has some “miniature figure board games” to check out too.  Arcade Quest about playing a guild of heroes fighting evil, Rivet Wars a sort of WWI battle with cute and wacky figures, and Kaosball a fantasy sport league.  Plus Super Dungeon Explorer and Ninja All-Stars from Ninja Division.

Board throughout the long weekend include Kitsune: of Foxes and Fools (the only game actual using the Anime track listing), Lanterns: The Harvest Festival Tournament, King of Tokyo games, Hanabi, and Samurai Spirit.

There will also be videoing too.  Pokémon handheld, Mario Kart, Pokken, Smash Bros, Street Fighter, and a retro game challenge tournaments are all planned.

Early Bird registration pricing ends tomorrow, so sorry this is so late.  Ribbons, generics, and event registration will not be available online.  Badge Registration will remain open through the show though.

This is a con for all fans of gaming to check out at least once.  Though it can get a bit expensive of five days.  I will actually be at this one.  I have not been for a few years so I am excited for it.